Native American Flute Lessons

See what our students say:

The Native American flute is a musical instrument most folks learn to play quickly and easily. Discover yourself as an intuitive musician, a spiritual song teller, a deep and conscious breathing life source.  In a short amount of time, with instruction, feedback, and encouragement, you will be playing music with joy and confidence. Due to the portability of the Native American flute, you can take your flute(s) anywhere and share its enchanting tones. No musical experience necessary!

Online course on coming soon!

In this robust instructional book, you will learn:
•    the basics about your flute
•    the Pentatonic scale
•    improvising on your NAF
•    rhythm for beginners
•    develop a repertoire
•    ornamentation
•    different scales
•    write a song
•    learn to read Nakai Tab
•    how to play flute with others
•    duets in Nakai Tab
•    where to find free music
•    online communities
•    how to play flute and guitar chart
•    resources and handouts

and much, much more!

Ami Sarasvati's CD - One Life

This CD is a musical interpretation of the stages of one life. With permission, two backtracks from Stephen DeRuby’s CD, Rhythms to Accompany Native Flute (get on Amazon) are used on this CD.

1. Earthsong*
2. Welcome Song* (DeRuby Backtrack #3)
3. Spring Dance*
4. Walking in the Woods*
5. Lakota Courting Song Duet Arrangement (DeRuby Backtrack #6)
6. Lakota Courting Song Improvisation (DeRuby Backtrack #6)
7. Kiowa Love Song Improvisation
8. Amazing Grace
9. Gratitude*
10. Communion* 11. The Dream* (played with Deluna on harp-

*    indicates original songs by Ami Sarasvati

Bonus Tracks
12. Drone A minor (DeRuby Backtrack #3)
13. Drone G minor (DeRuby Backtrack #3)
14. Drone F# minor (DeRuby Backtrack #3)
15. Drone D minor (DeRuby Backtrack #3)