The CD


My CD is a musical interpretation of the stages of one life. With permission, two backtracks from Stephen DeRuby’s CD, Rhythms to Accompany Native Flute. 
* indicates original songs by Ami Sarasvati


1. Earthsong*
2. Welcome Song* (DeRuby Backtrack #3)
3. Spring Dance*
4. Walking in the Woods*
5. Lakota Courting Song Duet Arrangement (DeRuby Backtrack #6)
6. Lakota Courting Song Improvisation (DeRuby Backtrack #6)
7. Kiowa Love Song Improvisation
8. Amazing Grace
9. Gratitude*
10. Communion*
11. The Dream*

Bonus Tracks for Students

12. Drone A minor (DeRuby Backtrack #3)
13  Drone G minor (DeRuby Backtrack #3)
14. Drone F# minor (DeRuby Backtrack #3)
15. Drone D minor (DeRuby Backtrack #3)