About Ami

My Story

A Musical Childhood

My musical career started as soon as I was big enough to crawl onto the piano bench. From the time I was 6 until I was 21 years old, I took piano lessons. They have served me well as a foundation for becoming a musical educator. But even though I had musical training, I was glued to the piece of paper on the stand. There was anxiety around playing, performing, and being judged. It was not the relaxing and freeing experience I yearned for in my musical life.

A Friend Introduced Me to the Native American Style Flute

Many years later, a friend introduced me to the Native American style flute. I didn’t have a lot of time to learn a new instrument but this was a simple instrument after all. I had been in love with the sound of Native American style flute music for some time and decided to do something healing for myself and learn to play this intriguing instrument. Truly the Native American style flute put the “play” factor back into my musical life.

My training was a combination of taking online lessons, going through recorded courses, attending various flute schools, becoming a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) on the Native American style flute through the Music For Healing and Transition Program, as well as training with Music for People.

My Book and Student CD

Being a writer and desktop publisher, I wrote the first edition of my book and started holding group classes which were popular. Within a couple of years, I was teaching three different levels of classes. In a safe and supportive atmosphere, my students were exploring this new territory.

My experience with the flute and facilitation deepened as I traveled to several flute schools around the country. I brought all I learned home to my beginner Native American style flute classes and workshops and refined the courses. These and many other learning experiences along the way brought me to the creation of my book, my CD (ONE LIFE), and my full online course.

In 2016, I published the book on Amazon. Now with thousands of readers near and far, the book serves as a tried and true resource for the beginning player. Next, I took the curriculum and created the recorded video course.

Becoming a Certified Music Practitioner

In 2014 I began my training to become a Certified Music Practitioner. It took two years and a lot of grit, but in 2016, I earned my CMP credential. I was working at Concord Hospital in Concord NH as well as about a dozen senior living communities. I have played bedside for the ill and dying in these clinical settings. As a group facilitator, I’ve done a ton of different gigs in senior living communities, particularly in the area of memory care.

In 2018, after the death of both of my parents, I moved to Arizona and began teaching exclusively online. I found online learning to be a viable way to learn the flute.

The Healing Power of Music

Through these experiences, I have witnessed, again and again, the healing power of music for both the individual and the community. My musical ministry is to teach people to play the music they love on the Native American style flute as a rewarding personal hobby, a tool for self-expression, and if it is their goal, to prepare them to play publicly.

Especially with so much online now, I am a huge advocate, maybe even an evangelist of playing live music. Where ever your flute journey takes you, I’m here to support your desire to discover your heartsong. If you have never picked up an instrument in your life, consider learning how to play the Native American style flute. Beginner Native American style flute players are welcome as well as more advanced players.

A free 15-minute consultation is available to discuss how to make your goals and dreams with the Native American style flute a reality.


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