Learn to Play the Native American Flute

My name is Ami Sarasvati, and I love sharing the gift of the Native American flute. Many of us have wanted to be musical, but have not pursued it due to a daunting learning curve of most instruments. Learning to play the Native American flute (NAF) is a distinctly different experience. Celebrate with me the renaissance of the NAF, a musical instrument that anyone can play!

I invite you to release the past and discover yourself as an intuitive musician, a spiritual song teller, a deep and conscious breathing life source. The ease of playing this seemingly simple instrument is one of the best kept secrets in the musical world. Sharing the gift of the flute is my musical ministry.

The NAF is a forgiving and soothing instrument. In a short amount of time, with gentle direction and encouragement, you will be playing music with joy and confidence. Due to its portability, you can take your instrument just about anywhere and share its enchanting tones with others. How magical it is the first time you have a musical conversation with an owl!

Online Course Now Available!

Great news! I’ve taken my book and CD and created an online course. This is nearly a decade of work that has developed over the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the many wonderful experiences of teaching others to learn to play the NAF. I’ve taken all that to heart and have created what I wish to be, an excellent beginner level online course for those who are picking up the NAF, perhaps for the first time. Numerous group and private lessons have helped me refine the best material in the course so it is exactly what the beginner needs to know and walks them through it step by step. As you will see in the videos, the course content is given in a sequence that works and focused on one little skill at a time.

The online learning platform has proven to be a viable, enjoyable, convenient, and affordable way to learn to play the NAF!  Learning to play the flute is fun and often life changing. Discover your heartsong on the flute.

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