Group Classes Online

2022 Group Classes

Group classes, conducted LIVE and online, offer a great way to learn to play the Native American style flute! Group classes are highly affordable and provide momentum as you move through new material. The group dynamic also creates a sense of community. These classes are offered in an inclusive, supportive, and no-pressure atmosphere. Join us as you start or expand your journey with the Native American style flute.

All group classes details:

  • Cost $99
  • Conducted over four consecutive weeks
  • Last 55 minutes in length
  • On Lessonface using Zoom

Classes are recorded for repeat viewing or catch-up if a class is missed.

Teacher of the Year

five star

“This class was great and gave me a huge amount of self confidence. Looking forward to learn as much as possible. Thank you!”

Jerry R., Student on Lessonface

five star

“I understand so much more then I never imagined. Much of my confusion is clearing, just have to practice, practice, practice…put the miles on to hear the sweetness that is possible.”

Joyce K., Student on Lessonface

five star

“So happy that I took Ami’s beginner NAF class. The first lesson made it worth my while and the rest were gravy. I successfully close the finger holes and no longer squeak or whistle when playing. Signed up for intermediate class. Thanks, Ami for your kind and thorough approach. ”

Christine G., Student on Lessonface

five star

“Ami is an amazing Native American flute player and teacher. She really draws you into the program and goes deep into the learning.”

Debbie, Student on Lessonface